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The mission service I am embarking on is fully supported by partners. Partners are individuals and organizations who would like to join me in being the "Malawi Collective."

The Malawi Collective is a group of likeminded people who are committed to using their time, talent, and treasure to come alongside marginalized communities and individuals, build opportunities and foster generational change. The synergy of our collective efforts will make an even greater impact than we can accomplish individually.

As you pray over how God is calling you to partner, if you sense God’s tug to join me in this journey, please review below how your partnership can play an integral role in this mission.


Freely you received, freely give

There are multiple ways to support my work as the missionary on the ground for the Malawi Collective. All financial donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please select your partnership option below:


A one-time gift of any amount.
Start a legacy of empowerment through pouring into others.


A bi-annual gift of a set amount (to be paid every 6 months / 2 times per year)
Fulfill and quench the need for a constant flow of the financial resources necessary to maintain ongoing projects.


A quarterly gift of a set amount (to be paid every 3 months / 4 times per year)
Give multiple times a year to sustain the effort which helps ensure we remain strong and well-positioned to strengthen the communities we serve.

deep well

A monthly gift of a set amount (to be paid every month / 12 times per year)
Provide resources on a consistent basis that can be drawn upon for planning, accomplishing goals and a variety of other needs.


Giving of yourself to help build organizational and community capacity
Invest your time and talents to directly empower local leaders with the tools and knowledge you have been given. Paying it forward through developing others.

How to give by check

Make your check payable to: Malawi Collective
Memo Line: Cupbearer, Refresher, Sustainer or Deep Well
Please mail your checks to: Malawi Collective, P.O. Box 300664 Houston, TX 77230

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

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Freely you received, freely give…