The Missionary

Learn about the journey that led Sandra to Malawi

The Awakening

"We are to love as Christ loves and value what He values..."

At the root of my desire to pursue long-term service in Africa, is an intense love and sense of connection with people all over the world, and especially the marginalized and the forgotten. This sense of connection and destiny stems from, most importantly, my faith in and love for God, and then my ethnicity, work experiences and global volunteerism.

My own personal experiences with social injustice birthed a profound compassion for the marginalized and most profoundly those in developing countries. Later, as my relationship with Christ developed deeper, I realized the love and hope I found in Christ was not just for my salvation, but for the salvation of the world. We are to love as Christ loves and to value what He values. His unconditional love shows and tells us that every human being and all of creation is of undeniable extreme worth and deserving of the abundant life that God has promised and designed.

The Passion

"To much that is given, much is required."

With Privilege Comes Responsibility. I have had the privilege of experiencing God’s love and a life of relative peace where I can pursue all that God has created me to be. In my heart, the disparity between my life experience and those of the vulnerable cannot be reconciled, except through my hope in Christ.

My hope and trust that God’s will is for everyone to have full access and the opportunity to be all that He has called them to be, compels me to live out God’s will for the world. Humbly, I provide what He has given me – skills, gifts, talents, my life – to fulfill His calling to “go.” God’s calling for me to do “my part” in bringing forth His vision for the world is worth the commitment of my life. This commitment has been solidified through a series of events and divine appointments and connections that are leading me to this next step of going from “part-time” missions to “full-time” missions.

The Offering

"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few..."

My desire is to be a resource, an additional hand, to supplement the staff of under-resourced non-profit organizations that are led by nationals. Many organizations are restricted from realizing the fullness of their vision and impact. Their restraints are not due to lack of knowledge or talent, their restraints are due to the lack of the necessary resources to fulfill the mission and one of the biggest resources lacking is sufficient long-term personnel. My focus will involve collaborating with locally based organizations to build the resource of “human capital,” optimizing the ability to achieve sustainable community impacts.

My belief is that God has been preparing me for such a time as this. He has blessed me with many experiences and skills through my cultural, academic, occupational, and spiritual exposures. These experiences include working as a project manager and training and development manager; living and learning with a family in Mexico; teaching English in South Korea; obtaining a Master’s degree in Social Work; participating on and leading mission trips, and most recently, working in the Missions Ministry at my church.

Looking back, I now see how God is taking all of these seemingly unrelated and normal life occurrences and working them together to be used for His purposes and to glorify His name on this earth.

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